Kazakhstan plans to restrict grain and flour exports — RT EN

5 Apr 2022 3:35 p.m

The war in Ukraine abruptly halted grain exports from Russia and Ukraine. It could also be gloomy for the coming harvests. Now Kazakhstan is apparently also planning temporary restrictions on grain and flour deliveries.

Kazakhstan is considering temporary restrictions on grain and flour exports to protect the domestic food market, Agriculture Minister Yerbol Karashukeev said Monday, but did not give a date. Kazakhstan is one of the top ten grain exporters in the world, supplying over 70 countries.

“The issue of imposing restrictions on both grain and flour exports is currently being considered,” Karashukeev told reporters. He added that the measure was due to the fact that local growers “do not want to sell grain to the mills”. Karashukeev stated:

“Russia has imposed an export ban on grain, we know the situation, we have it under control. Our grain balance has been positive since this morning and it will remain positive.”

And he added:

“We have enough for the domestic market. […] There will still be some left for export, at the level of average annual volumes. Exporters do not want to sell in the domestic market, they are waiting for export prices to rise, […] If we look at stock market prices, we will see that they are increasing day by day.”

Grain prices have recently reached record highs due to supply shortages resulting from the crisis in Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine account for around 30 percent of global wheat exports. Analysts expressed concern that the current situation could lead to a full-blown global food crisis.

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