Russian developers launch YouTube to VKontakte channel transfer service — RT EN

11 Apr 2022 2:17 p.m

As the developer Juice Development reports, a service has now been launched to transfer channels from YouTube to the Russian social network VKontakte. “VK Video Transfer Service” is developed on VK MiniApps platform.

Source: © SOPA Images

Software developer Juice Development has launched a service to transfer existing channels from YouTube to the Russian social network VKontakte, the developer reports on the social network.

“We have developed a service that will allow bloggers to conveniently copy their YouTube channel to the VKontakte platform. A few simple steps and the service will place all the necessary video clips in the VKontakte community or on a personal page,” the developers say towards the group.

Developed on VK MiniApps platform, “VK Video Transfer Service” allows to transfer YouTube channels to VK Video platform. To transfer, the link to the respective channel must be copied and then pasted into the appropriate field on VK Video. Then you can click on “Next” and follow the further instructions. At the same time, the app excludes the possibility of third-party broadcasting of the channel – for this purpose it generates a unique code that needs to be added in the channel description in YouTube Studio.

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