In the event of a gas emergency, saunas and single apartments stay cold — RT DE

12 Apr 2022 7:03 p.m

The new head of the Federal Network Agency, Klaus Müller, is already swearing by the Germans to significantly higher gas prices and possibly even to restrictions on consumption. The economist Jens Südekum thinks that the “level of our gas storage tanks will be the new corona incidence”.

What’s in store for the Germans? The new head of the Federal Network Agency calls on companies and citizens to reduce their gas consumption – even if this is still appropriate. Otherwise there could be impairments said Klaus Müller of the time on Tuesday.

When asked whether saunas and large single apartments could still be heated constantly in the future, the 51-year-old replied:

“No, I believe that in a gas emergency that would no longer be justifiable, and I therefore questioned the unrestricted protection. Not only the companies, but also the population does not view the current situation with the appropriate seriousness. You can see the terrible ones Events in Ukraine, people donate, there is solidarity. But I don’t see that reflected in private gas consumption. The scenario may still be very abstract for many people. But it is the scenario in which we also have additional costs of 1,500 to 2,000 euros for the average family is talking about, or maybe even about 2,500 euros or more. Without further social compensation payments, part of the population would not be able to cope with that.”

Private households are basically protected, but so are hospitals and gas-fired power plants that are responsible for the district heating supply. However, Müller adds:

“But it is true that unrestricted protection for private consumers is very difficult to convey.”

In an emergency, the most important sectors and companies should be identified. These are primarily companies in the food and pharmaceutical sectors. Should the war in Ukraine continue to escalate and the federal government declare the third alert level, then the time would have come to limit the consumption of individual private individuals. Mueller on this:

“There are three parameters that can avert a gas emergency: If we manage to bring down consumption. If we manage to get more gas. And if we manage to fill the storage tanks in between.”

In mid-April, the filling level of the gas storage facilities in Germany is significantly lower than usual at the end of the heating period. Recently, many well-known names have spoken out in favor of savings in gas consumption. For example, the economist Jens Südekum already made a comparison to the Corona crisis in an interview with t-online and said:

“The filling level of our gas storage tanks will be the new corona incidence. Then every cubic meter will count, then large-scale energy saving campaigns will be needed, in which everyone will participate.”

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