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16 Apr 2022 10:32 pm

A new Israeli rocket attack caused damage on the outskirts of Damascus, according to Syrian sources. According to the Israeli army, the Israeli attacks on Syria are mainly aimed at preventing the expansion of “Iranian influence” in Syria.

Israel carried out a rocket attack on Syrian military positions on the outskirts of Damascus, causing material damage, AP agency reports, citing the Syrian military. State media quoted an unnamed military official on Friday as saying the attack took place on Friday night, adding that some of the Israeli missiles had been intercepted by Syrian air defenses. The Israeli rockets were reportedly fired from the direction of the Israeli-held Golan Heights.

Left image show the ‘confirmed’ strike locations [Qatana and Rakhlah]. Right pic shows the direction in which some Israeli missiles were heading and loud sounds were heard, however, no confirmed impacts [perhaps intercepted or decoy] red box is an area of ​​possible struck locations

— Andrew 🇸🇾 (@AndrewBritani) April 14, 2022

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claims the missiles hit positions of Iran-backed militants in a south-western suburb of the capital, near the suburb of Qatana.

Israel has maintained its military presence in the occupied Golan region, which typically serves as a launching pad for attacks on Syrian forces and numerous militias. The Syrian army also announced on April 10 that Israeli planes had fired several rockets from airspace over Lebanon against targets in central Syria.

Israel has recently intensified its aggression against Syria. In early March, Israel fired a rocket at Damascus, killing two civilians. On February 14, a similar Israeli attack occurred near Damascus, killing three Syrian soldiers. According to the Israeli army, the Israeli attacks on Syria are mainly aimed at averting the expansion of the alleged “Iranian influence” in Syria and at preventing arms shipments to Hezbollah via Syria.

Russian Ambassador to Syria Alexander Yefimov recently warned that Israeli attacks on Syria are “provoking” Russia to react. The ambassador’s statement was one of the strongest recent condemnations of the Israeli airstrikes on Syria by the Kremlin leadership.

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