Since Friday, only third-vaccinated people have received continued wages from Corona — RT DE

16 Apr 2022 3:44 pm

Since Good Friday, only people with a so-called “booster vaccination” have been entitled to earnings compensation if they have to go into quarantine with a positive corona test. The Brandenburg Ministry of Health points out that the regulation applies nationwide.


Like the Berlin Kurier on Friday reported, employees without a booster vaccination will no longer receive continued salary payments from April 15th if the corona test is positive. The Conference of Health Ministers (GMK) decided this at the end of March. If isolation is ordered for employees who have not been vaccinated or who have been vaccinated once or twice, there is no longer any entitlement to compensation for loss of earnings under Section 56 paragraph 1 of the Infection Protection Act (IfSG). Brandenburg’s Secretary of State for Health, Michael Ranft, said:

“The Infection Protection Act expressly provides that compensation will not be granted if the ban on activities or the isolation order could have been avoided by taking advantage of a publicly recommended vaccination. We have a clear legal position here. In the meantime, all citizens have had sufficient time and opportunity to Vaccination offer and a booster vaccination. Corona vaccines are available in sufficient quantities, vaccinations against COVID-19 are offered nationwide.”

In the future, proof of the third vaccination must be able to be submitted for loss of earnings. Excluded from the regulation are people who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons, provided that a medical contraindication regarding the COVID-19 vaccination is confirmed by a medical certificate. Recovered people are also exempt from this regulation, provided that the infection was no more than three months ago. The same applies to people who have been vaccinated twice.

Discrimination of the worst kind. Because of a vaccine that doesn’t work. It’s a shame. Anyone who is a health worker and nurse who is tired of the circus in Germany and wants to be paid responsibly: We in Switzerland are always looking for good people. 🤷‍♂️✌️

— Danger of avalanches 🦉 (@isjainteressant) April 15, 2022

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