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18 Apr 2022 12:08 pm

What became an emergency solution for many engaged couples in times of Corona is now legally permitted in Ukraine: the country’s Ministry of Justice announced a simplified procedure for registering marriages. In the future, couples will also be able to marry virtually.

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Some bridal couples in Ukraine do not want to delay their big day and can now legally use digital alternatives. They can submit a corresponding application within one day and say yes immediately afterwards. Deputy Justice Minister Valeria Kolomiez said:

“Today’s circumstances mean that sometimes people don’t have the option to wait. Because we all find ourselves in a situation when we don’t know what’s coming and what’s going to happen today.”

If the bride and groom are separated because one of the two is doing military service, it is now possible to get married via video conference. The couple may be connected via the Zoom platform, added Added Kolomiez. The virtual wedding ceremony may legalize not only employees of registry offices, but also police officers and soldiers.

According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice, almost 22,000 Ukrainian couples have married since the start of the war.

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