Pakistan offers India peaceful solution to Jammu and Kashmir conflict — RT EN

20 Apr 2022 10:13 am

Pakistan’s new Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has called on India to find a peaceful solution to the Jammu and Kashmir conflict “in the interest of shared peace and prosperity”. Both states have signaled a willingness to talk within the framework of the Shanghai organization.

On Sunday, Pakistan’s new Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif addressed his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi with an appeal. In it he called for a final peaceful solution to the disputes between Islamabad and New Delhi, particularly with regard to the long-standing dispute over the regions of Jammu and Kashmir.

“We believe that peaceful and cooperative relations between Pakistan and India are essential for the region’s progress and social and economic advancement,” the Pakistani newspaper Dawn quoted the prime minister as saying. In order to achieve these goals, “a peaceful resolution of all ongoing disputes, including the core issue of Jammu and Kashmir,” is necessary. According to the Prime Minister, the nuclear powers Pakistan and India should work together to promote the progress and prosperity of the two peoples.

In recent years, Islamabad and New Delhi have accused each other of supporting terrorist groups in each other’s territories. Sharif emphasized in his letter that Pakistan is committed to “maintaining regional peace”. The country’s contribution to the fight against terrorism is “well known and internationally recognized,” said Sharif.

A week earlier, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated Sharif on taking office as Pakistan’s head of government and affirmed that India was interested in “peace and stability in a region free of terror”.

Shehbaz Sharif was confirmed as prime minister on April 11 after his predecessor Imran Khan lost the post following a vote of no confidence. Khan claimed his replacement was at US instigation and his supporters staged massive street protests.

Located in the eastern Himalayas, the Kashmir region was disputed between India and Pakistan for decades. Both countries claim it in full, but only control parts of it. In the 1940s and 1960s, neighboring countries fought two wars for control of Kashmir. In 2021, a major conflict was narrowly averted while tensions in the region remain.

According to media reports from India, both sides are now preparing a meeting between Modi and Sharif at a summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which is to be held in Uzbekistan in July.

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