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19 Apr 2022 4:33 pm

After allegations of sexual assault on the Hessian left became known, the scandal continued to spread. One of the perpetrators who assaulted a minor is said to be the former partner of party leader Wissler.

Allegations of abuse of power and sexual violence within the Left Party unleashed a wave of upheaval over the Easter weekend. Der Spiegel had made the scandal public at the end of last week, whereupon other people affected contacted the Solid Left Youth, which is associated with the party. Solid federal spokeswoman Sarah Dubiel spoke on Sunday of more than 20 other alleged victims from several state associations.

The worst accomplices are not in parliament or in party offices, but have so far been covered up, those affected told the editorial network Germany (RND). Der Spiegel had previously reported, citing witnesses, about “border crossings, abuse of power and a toxic macho culture” within the party’s Hessian state association. There are various documents that prove such incidents, the report says.

Among other things, Der Spiegel reported on a young man who claims to have been sexually harassed by a former left-wing member of the Bundestag. A young woman also testified that after the end of a relationship she was pressured into having sex by a left-wing politician. Among the accused is a man who is accused of an abusive affair with a minor – an accusation that could even become a political problem for the Federal Chair of the Left Party, Janine Wissler. The man in question was her partner at the time. According to the Spiegel report, his victim contacted Wissler in 2018. However, she would not have taken it seriously, according to the person concerned.

On Twitter, the chairwoman of the Rhineland-Palatinate state association, Melanie Wery-Sims, called for an “honest processing” of the scandal. The party needs a “restart – without perpetrators and without structures in which perpetrators feel comfortable,” wrote Wery-Sims, who is also a member of the party executive.

This time I consciously signed an open letter; as a state chairman, as a member of the party executive committee, as a woman, as a person affected. DIE LINKE needs a new start – without perpetrators and without structures in which perpetrators feel comfortable.

— 🅼🅴🅻🅰🅽🅸🅴 🆆🅴🆁🆈-🆂🅸🅼🆂 (@MelanieWerySims) April 15, 2022

The executive state executive of the Left Party in Hesse had been informed about the allegations since the end of November 2021, a party spokesman admitted on Saturday. The party then made offers to talk to those affected and decided on a code of conduct. On Saturday, Die Linke also announced that it wanted to appoint “neutral” confidants without offices or functions within the party as soon as possible. The mediators should therefore be available as contact persons for those affected and should not hold any offices or functions within the party.

.@the left will quickly convene an external, independent expert council to deal with the allegations of sexual abuse and violence. In addition, proposals for regulations on dealing with sexism/sexual abuse are developed and discussed quickly. 1/2 #Linkemetoo

— Martina Renner (@MartinaRenner) April 18, 2022

“The sexist incidents that have come to light within the Left Party objectively exacerbate the existentially difficult situation in which the party currently finds itself. However, from my point of view, the sexist incidents and the way they have been dealt with show a structural problem in dealing with misconduct in the Left Party as a whole,” writes the head of Thuringia’s state chancellery Benjamin-Immanuel Hoff on his personal website. The “process of renewal” must now “be tackled aggressively”.

However, Solid federal spokeswoman Dubiel does not go far enough with the course her party has taken as a result of the scandal. The measures came too late and were also purely preventive, she criticized the mirror. She has been calling for an independent trustee for a long time. The fact that this is only now being established is a disgrace, says Dubiel:

“The party now has to spend money, both for processing and for contact persons for potential further cases.”

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