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20 Apr 2022 8:50 am

The Pentagon has announced that US allies have been supporting the Ukrainian air force by supplying them with spare parts. These would be needed to get more jets operational as fighting with Russia in the Donbass region heated up.

While Washington has been unable to supply some of the Soviet-designed weapons systems requested by Kyiv, countries that have compatible equipment in their inventories have offered to help. This was announced to reporters by Pentagon spokesman John Kirby on Tuesday. In the past few days, parts for fighter jets have been delivered, among other things. Kirby said:

“They have received support to get some of their fixed-wing aircraft operational again.”

“That’s proof of success. They have more fixed-wing aircraft available now than they did two weeks ago. That’s no coincidence. It’s because other nations that have experience with these types of aircraft have been able to help them, more aircraft to make it operational.”

The Pentagon spokesman did not name the countries involved in the supply of spare parts, or the number or type of aircraft repaired and put back into service. The US and other NATO members have accelerated arms deliveries to Ukraine in recent weeks, citing alleged Russian attacks on civilians. Moscow denies attacks on civilians and accuses Kyiv of orchestrating alleged war crimes to manipulate public opinion about the conflict.

The latest Western “bailout” comes after the Pentagon last month rejected a request from NATO ally Poland to the US to facilitate deliveries of MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine. The reason given was that such a step could trigger a major war with Russia. Jake Sullivan, the US National Security Advisor, said last week that the US government only objects to the idea of ​​moving fighter jets from a US military base in Germany through contested Ukrainian airspace. Countries in the region remain free to provide fighter jets to Ukraine, he said.

So far, however, there is no evidence that this type of assistance has been provided. According to reports, Ukrainians have launched a crowdfunding campaign titled “#buymeafighterjet,” asking for donations that are said to be used to replace fighter jets that have been destroyed by Russian forces.

Kirby said that the aid supplies mentioned, which are currently being sent to Ukraine, are designed for the expected fighting in Donbass. These are artillery pieces, radar and coastal defense systems. The spokesman added that Ukraine has also received more tanks, though not directly from Washington:

“The kind of tanks they can handle are not the tanks we have in our inventory. But other nations have provided some tanks.

Some countries have made spare parts available so they can get their unserviceable tanks operational again.”

On Tuesday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he recommended to US President Joe Biden last week that Western states should upgrade Ukraine’s armed forces in the long term. He told British MPs:

“I have suggested that our long-term goal must be to strengthen and consolidate Ukraine to the point where Russia can never dare invade again.”

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