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Apr 21, 2022 6:30 am

Only recently did reports about an admission ritual at a mobile police task force in Saxony make the headlines. New allegations are now being made public in a media report. It is about a skiing holiday declared as a business trip.

Source: © Matthias Rietschel / dpa

Skiing vacation in a four-star hotel in the Alps: According to a media report, the Mobile Task Force (MEK) from Dresden is said to have declared a skiing vacation as a “training trip”. As the Leipziger Volkszeitung writes, investigations into fraud within the Saxon special unit are currently underway to run. According to the newspaper, it is about a training plan that the then MEK boss had confirmed as the responsible department head in the State Criminal Police Office (LKA).

According to a report by the dpa news agency, a spokeswoman for the Dresden Public Prosecutor’s Office has confirmed that the authority is conducting investigations into suspected fraud in connection with a training trip. Members of the Saxon police were accused. The spokeswoman did not provide any further information.

The MEK Dresden was according to one report of Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR) was dissolved last year. The reason for this was the so-called ammunition scandal. Accordingly, the special forces stole around 14,000 cartridges and used at least part of them as payment for a private shooting training session in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The Attorney General’s Office has now filed charges against three police officers, and another 14 are still being investigated for joint theft and violation of the weapons law.

According to an MDR report, an independent commission came to the conclusion in a review of the case that the police officers involved had acted out of personal motives. The review commission could not have proved any involvement in right-wing extremist networks.

It wasn’t until the beginning of April that the mobile task force in Leipzig made headlines. According to the Dresden Public Prosecutor’s Office, 23 officers and a police doctor are in focus because of a forbidden admission ritual. Accordingly, the office is investigating on suspicion of dangerous bodily harm. In December 2020, on the instructions of a group leader, two new commando members were said to have been hit and injured by several shots from a police training weapon with colored cartridges in the Leipzig office. Accordingly, two executives have now been suspended. This incident also apparently came to light in the course of the investigation into the ammunition affair at MEK Dresden.

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