Israeli army launches air strikes on Gaza Strip – Hamas warns of acts of aggression — RT EN

Apr 21, 2022 12:37 p.m

Israel flew several airstrikes on the Gaza Strip. For the first time in months, a missile fired from there hit Israeli territory. Meanwhile, the Hamas chief issued a warning to Israel about acts of aggression in Israeli-occupied East Jerusalem.

The Israeli Air Force attacked targets in the Gaza Strip on Thursday night after the military said at least four rockets were fired from that region into southern Israel. According to Haaretz, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) described the operation as the “most significant” attack on the Palestinian Mediterranean enclave since the last major confrontation in May 2021. It was initially unclear whether there were casualties.

The sirens sounded at least twice in the southern part of the country. Four rockets are said to have been fired from the Gaza Strip. However, these were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system, it said. However, according to Haaretz, another missile from the Gaza Strip struck an open area in the southern Israeli city of Sderot while the Iron Dome missile system was not deployed. Debris from the rocket fell into the yard of a house on Sderot. It was the first time in months that a missile fired from Gaza had struck Israeli territory.

In response, Israel said it attacked an alleged underground rocket engine manufacturing facility in the Gaza Strip. The attack “will cause significant damage to rocket production in the Gaza Strip,” said a spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces.

During the airstrikes, Hamas militias fired anti-aircraft missiles in the Gaza Strip. Hamas used such a system for the second time. On Tuesday, Hamas fired a Russian-made Strela-2 shoulder-to-air missile during Israeli attacks on Gaza, the Jerusalem Post reports. The IDF said attempts to hit the jets on both Tuesday and Thursday failed and no damage was caused.

Another Hamas attack was reported Thursday morning, triggering another siren alarm. The rockets reportedly failed to reach Israeli territory and landed in an open area inside the Gaza Strip, according to IDF spokesmen.

Hamas spokesman Hazem Qasem said the Israeli attack will “strengthen the Palestinian people’s resolve to continue to resist the occupation.” He promised that the organization would continue to protect Jerusalem and its holy sites “at all costs.”

Meanwhile, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyah issued a stern warning to Israel over its acts of aggression in Israeli-held Jerusalem, saying, “We are still at the beginning of the battle.” He warned the Israeli government against changing the Islamic status quo of Al-Aqsa Mosque by occupying the holy site.

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The situation in Jerusalem’s old town has been particularly tense in recent days. Heavy riots broke out on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem last week on the second Friday of the fasting month of Ramadan after morning prayers. During violent clashes between Palestinian demonstrators and Israeli security forces, the Israeli police cracked down on the Palestinians. According to reports, more than 150 people were injured. Israeli ultra-nationalists held a flag march through Palestinian areas of Jerusalem’s Old City on Wednesday, chanting “Death to the Arabs.”

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