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Apr 22, 2022 5:24 p.m

Medical associations and parts of politics suspect higher corona infection numbers in Germany. They are therefore calling for a renewed expansion of the mask requirement in social areas, after more and more specifications have recently been lifted.

The chairman of the Federal Association of Physicians in the Public Health Service, Johannes Nießen, told the editorial network Germany (RND) at the beginning of the week assessment on the current statistics of new corona infections in Germany with:

“We don’t know the exact number, but after two years of the pandemic we can roughly estimate how the number of unreported cases will develop.”

Nießen is a member of the Federal Government’s Expert Council and heads the health department in Cologne. According to the doctor’s assumption, he therefore expects “an unreported number times two in terms of the reported corona cases”. In his opinion, this leads to a “dark field”. Also Health Minister Karl Lauterbach observed According to this, there is currently a situation in which “there are currently about twice as many cases as are officially reported”. Above all, Nießen wants to have recognized a problem in how society deals with the individual implementation of the politically prescribed measures:

“We are also observing a more relaxed handling of Corona, not everyone with cold symptoms can be tested, hardly any vaccinated people are tested and 3G only applies in a few areas.”

In addition to the Federal Association of Doctors, the Association of Medical Officers is now calling for stricter measures, above all a newly defined mask requirement for the upcoming summer months. Nießen shared in the interview with the ARD capital studio that he considers “the abolition of the mask requirement in shops to be a mistake”. He therefore demands that the mask “must be carried and used in the summer just like a cell phone”. This is “important due to the continued high number of infections”.

In politics, too, the ongoing simplifications through the abolition of the obligation to wear masks indoors are being critically questioned. the regulationCDU politician Marco Wanderwitz sees it as a mistake that the mask requirement and 3G proof as a prerequisite for participation in plenary and committee meetings will be abolished in the coming session in the German Bundestag.

Not a good decision by the President to make masks compulsory in the #Bundestag cancel. Unfortunately, the pandemic is not over yet. Masks and 3G protect and are a small limitation. #Corona

— Marco Wanderwitz (@wanderwitz) April 21, 2022

Carla Büttner, a member of the Left Party, also expressed her incomprehension about the liberation of masks indoors, such as in retail:

Vaccinated 3 times, positive for 11 days, sick for 13 days. I’m just annoyed, can’t do anything. Showering is so exhausting that I have to go straight back to bed afterwards. And people are happy that they can go shopping without a mask. No longer in the mood.

— Carla Buettner (@CarlaBuettner) April 21, 2022

Nießen also calls for the “sleeping vaccination campaign” to be revived, according to information from BR24. This could be done through “new advertising measures, campaigns with general practitioners and the targeted addressing of unvaccinated people”. Germany needs “a bang to close the vaccination gaps, especially among older people,” said the chairman of the professional association of doctors in the public health service, according to BR24.

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