Founder of Nazi regiment “Azov” threatens massacre of civilians in Mariupol — RT EN

Apr 22, 2022 9:35 p.m

The Ukrainian TV channel NTA broadcast Azov founder Andrei Biletsky on Thursday: He threatened a massacre with battlefield missiles if residents of Mariupol took part in the “Immortal Regiment” operation on Victory Day, May 9.

Statistically speaking, war crimes are inevitable where war is raging – whether committed by “black sheep”, by soldiers who have seen too much and gone berserk, or as collateral damage when a soldier or commander chooses a target to lose sight of the potential Presence of civilians there not know. In the ideal case, soldiers and commanders alike must reckon with the consequences.

It becomes much worse when such a thing is accepted immediately – and worst of all when it is deliberately ordered by a commander or is provided for by military doctrine or ideology.

The founder of the Ukrainian Nazi Azov regiment (formerly battalion) Andrei Biletsky announced both of these things – namely a mass murder of civilians if they take part in an event that he does not ideologically agree with. He also indicated the funds to be used for this in a live interview with the Lvov-based Ukrainian NTA via video conference. Today’s politician was askedhow the Ukrainian military, if necessary, will react to the implementation of the “Immortal Regiment” action in Mariupol on the Day of Victory over Fascism on May 9.

The journalist immediately assumed that Russia would have to transport the participants to Mariupol in order for the cameras to show a picture. Biletsky, who is now a politician, then transparently indicated that the Ukrainian armed forces would fire on any procession of the “Immortal Regiment” in Mariupol, no matter who was taking part:

“Ukrainian long-range missiles like Tochka-U sometimes have this area in range. That’s why I wouldn’t risk doing ‘Immortal Regiments’ and similar actions.”

What followed was an interlude – an entire Nazi saga – with disinforming propaganda quite Goebbelsian in lies, in which the accusation that Russia literally deported ten percent of the civilian population of Mariupol to concentration camps stands out perhaps most blatantly; the main idea was that there was no one in Mariupol who could take part in a procession of the Immortal Regiment. Then the neo-Nazi continued the original thought:

“But yes, as such it is a provocation. I think that the Ukrainian army is able to respond appropriately and clearly to this provocation if they try. They have [hier in Ihrer Sendung/auf Ihrem Kanal] a lot of funny moments with the russians and their military vehicles as covers. Maybe there will be another funny video on May 9th too.”

Biletski ruled out any thought that the Mariupol population remaining in the city might be interested in carrying out the “Immortal Regiment” operation.

Several conclusions can be drawn from Biletsky’s announcement. Perhaps the most important is yet another endorsement of the Azov regiment’s misanthropic ideology issued by the Western media’s new favorite moderate terrorists themselves, namely the political arm of Azov, the National Corps party of which Biletski is the leader. Anyone who still harbors any doubts after this news can hardly be helped.

Furthermore, the full-bodied announcement by the former “Azov” commander arouses the following suspicion: whoever is in command of the regiment apparently has a lot more say in the Ukrainian military than is commonly assumed – at least when it comes to commanding artillery and missile systems longer range, which are Tochka-U battlefield ballistic missiles in the Ukrainian arsenal. It may be that this was not always the case and that the reorganization may only have taken place after an incident when, on March 4, a command staff of the “Azov” regiment was fired upon by the regular Ukrainian military to coordinate with the military.

What this information means in the context of the Kramatorsk train station being shelled a month later with a rocket of the same type is obvious.

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