sex war in the "peace party"

by Diether Dehm

If “at present the pressure is growing” on the SPD leaders, namely Scholz and Schwesig, to apologize publicly for earlier pro-Russian friendliness and finally accept heavy arms deliveries to Ukraine, then the entire Ostpolitik must also be delegitimized. Willy Brandt has been “portrayed” on public television these days – less for praising his reconciliation with Russia than for updating sex scandals that were once said to have happened to the Chancellor of Peace. Is it a coincidence that the Left Party is now caught up in a sex scandal?

She also justified her resignation with the way the left dealt with sexism in its own ranksa clear dig at her co-boss Janine Wissler,” the Tagesspiegel wrote about Susanne Henning-Wellsow on April 22. The reason for this is the ongoing dispute over arms exports and NATO between the “two great women” – that’s how they were once the party congress delegates by the left-wing election campaign manager and mastermind Jörg Schindler, whose only “success” in nine years is the withdrawal of Sahra Wagenknecht from the leadership of the parliamentary group. Schindler stands with Hennig-Wellsow for a permanent left-wing election disaster. Also because publicly too shallow criticism of NATO , causes of flight, Russophobia and corona dictates.And also because of the constant wear and tear of the long-time most popular politician Sahra Wagenknecht.

If Schindler, Wissler and Hennig-Wellsow had given up their seats immediately after the devastating 4.9 percent in the last federal election, the sigh of relief in the left base would have been unmistakable; mine too. But now NATO friends bark the remaining chairwoman Janine Wissler, who still expresses certain left-wing scruples against arms exports and massacres of Palestinians, as “radicals”. An accusation against which every clear-thinking radical democrat must protect them when secret service-oriented news services à la SPIEGEL, taz or ZDF-heute now want to throw the Wissler after Hennig-Wellsow – with rumors of sexism, which on closer inspection are themselves sexist.

Ten years ago, when I defended former Federal President Christian Wulff (CDU) against a media hunt led by BILD and SPIEGEL (e.g. in the case of Anne Will and Maischberger), this did not happen out of party political affection, but because I myself was often the target of rumors that killed my reputation . And out of sympathy for the presumption of innocence and the rule of law, which form the foundations of the Basic Law with the principle of peace and the welfare state.

But just like the iron principle “No arms deliveries to crisis areas!” is relativized in the left, the welfare state in the left is no longer undisputed. For example, when the former party chairman Klaus Ernst called for an offensive “reconquest of the welfare state” ten years ago, so-called reformers instead bombarded opposing media with the slogan “for progressive denationalization.” Democracy and the Basic Law provide for denationalization neither for the social nor for the law. There must never be a legal vacuum again. Even if party actors like to disguise internal arbitrariness, i.e. the lowering of constitutional standards, under the bigoted reputation that they want “particularly high” standards in their ranks – against their opponents, of course. No, the presumption of innocence still applies, equivalent to “in case of doubt for the accused!”.

Now the end once again justifies the means, the holy drool sets rumors over courts. When the secret Thuringian head of government Benjamin Hoff, together with left-wing professionals, “LinkeMeToo activists” and former MPs, who recently failed during the federal election campaign with demands for party exclusion against Sahra Wagenknecht, now demand the severest penalties. And against those who are rumored to have turned a blind eye to sexist attacks. What they even equate with child molestation in the Catholic Church – and thus move Janine Wissler close to Pope Benedict.

On April 17, DER SPIEGEL proudly pats itself on the shoulder for having further “shattered” trust in the Left Party and modestly writes about the tsunami in the left teacup:

“The trigger was an investigative report by Spiegel.”

While the welfare state is supposed to cede 100 billion to the military, the Greens and FDP are delivering heavy weapons to prolong the war, inflation is eating the butter off people’s breads, while US leaders are currently pushing Europe into a third world war, the “LINKE” is trickling in nationwide 4 percent. It is the only party in the Bundestag that advocates disarmament. But it is currently two percent in North Rhine-Westphalia before the local elections. In March she was “at least” still arguing about arms exports. Now the “Peace Party” is disintegrating over a sex tweet that is likely to dominate its federal party congress more thematically in two months than the Ukrainian terrorists, whose mortars tore up thousands, including children and women, in the Donbass for eight years and thus finished off Minsk II .

The current facts: The SPIEGEL was from the Hessian party youth – via Thuringia! – a screenshot from 2018 was leaked, which four SPIEGEL editors said they had “researched”. Four years ago, a young woman who had been redefined as a “minor” had, by her own admission, sent the following message to party leader Janine Wissler:

“Please excuse this, Janine, but I finally go crazy when Adrian suddenly stands on my balcony again at night and calls it romantic.”

The former leader of the Hessian left-wing parliamentary group denies this “call for help” from the “victim” at the time, as well as an additionally claimed course of the telephone call. Which now brings the “victim” to court. Of course, the allegations against those involved could all be true and, God knows, they are not trivial. Even if the public prosecutor’s office has just declared that it will not investigate “the perpetrator” in any way. But DER SPIEGEL is not waiting for anything legally binding when it comes to the destruction of the entire Left Party. While the shit strikers he fired up in the holy war of the opposing party currents never pretend to destroy the entire party, but only the opposing parts. They attack the constitutional presumption of innocence as reactionary ballast of a “patriarchal constitution”. And anyone who refers to this is themselves a potential rapist anyway or is protecting offenders if they dare to ask legally relevant questions, such as the following:

How did the “perpetrator” get on the victim’s balcony? What floor did that happen on? Had he come across the balcony for the first time in the love affair between “victim and perpetrator”? Did he damage the balcony door? Was there a rape afterwards? Or, as claimed by the “perpetrator”, for consensual sex? What did the “perpetrator” call “romantic” according to the short message that was spread by those affected?

Why didn’t she immediately file a criminal complaint in 2018? Did it only take the year 2022 and a so-called SPIEGEL research? Was pressure exerted on the “victim” at the time? Was the love relationship immediately broken off by the “victim” afterwards, i.e. in 2018?

How did all this have to be received by Janine Wissler, who was also in a relationship with the “perpetrator” at the time? Could the short message for Wissler also have been “mis”-understood as a mockingly concealed triumph of a rival?

How should Janina Wissler have behaved correctly? Because SPIEGEL also notes that the “perpetrator” was also an employee of the parliamentary group that Wissler headed. Does SPIEGEL want to say that, as an employer, they should have fired an employee? On what legal basis? And what would union-oriented leftists say if employers made the romantic behavior of employees outside of working hours the subject of spying, rumors and dismissals?

There are still more open questions that need to be negotiated in court before the presumption of innocence against the “presumed perpetrator” falls. But the media are often at loggerheads with the rule of law in the same way as those who still have internal party scores to settle. Some want their meatpots, others are content with the self-important state of intoxication that allows them to really play fate: If they can’t hurt the armaments corporations, then at least they can hurt their own people. And so, confident of victory, they wriggle in the digital spider web of media spindoctors.

The secret recipe of identitarian do-gooders is mostly the colonization of foreign victims, the appropriation of the suffering of others for their own omnipotence. Multiplied by the media power of BND-supported writing agents, who always reliably shoot at everything that somehow looks anti-NATO. From this media-reinforced protective armor, the rumor mill can then be fired up as the mood takes you and everyone can be canceled straight away: as a Nazi, anti-Semite, xenophobe, cross-frontler, Putin column, corona or climate denier. Following in the footsteps of the persecutors of Christians, anti-lust witch-burners, MacCarthyism, and the Orwellian language police, these inquisitors seek to define the line between flirtation and toxic masculinity. Want to measure with a stopwatch when a languishing look is tantamount to rape and a request to dance is an act of encroachment. The ZEIT editor-in-chief Sabine Rückert once, on June 30, 2016, exaggeratedly polemicized against “Metoo”: “In future, women will define what a passionate night of love and what rape was the day after.” Meanwhile, the AfD is baking the popcorn and pointing to the screen: “Look, you end up in such a cauldron with left-wing feminism!”

In his films, director Ken Loach tells with great artistic love how proletarian women fare in this world – but also how they fight. And how men can stand by them, against the war, but also against the genders – friendly to their own kind and unfriendly to big business.

And Loach also describes how the makers of this workers’ movement and their allies in art and science were then registered by the secret services, given professional bans and worse. How they were somehow filed somewhere on black lists at some point. Today the bright green excrement from the inflamed organs of hysterical denunciators is no longer put on absorbent paper, but digitized for eternity. Maybe the Trojan shit storm fighters will think about the fact that nobody will ever thank them once they’ve eaten up DIE LINKE, except maybe with a few permanent jobs in the surveillance state. And that instead of their favorite word “ashamed of others”, at best they are left with “being-ashamed-of-themselves”.

dr Diether Dehm is entertainment writer and was in the Bundestag for a long time for the SPD and Die Linke.

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