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28 Apr 2022 06:30 am

A senior Chinese diplomat urged the world community to step up efforts to deal with the situation in Syria. The Chinese envoy also repeated Beijing’s call for western countries to lift their sanctions.

China’s Deputy Ambassador to the UN Dai Bing called on the international community to step up efforts on Syria’s economic, humanitarian and security situation during a session of the UN Security Council on Tuesday, China’s official Xinhua News Agency reported. Citing the seventh meeting of the core group of the Syrian Constitutional Committee, the Chinese diplomat said Beijing urges all parties in Syria to keep in touch with UN Special Envoy for Syria Geir Pedersen. The parties involved should also intensify consultations on certain documents and promote the political process led by Syrians.

China’s UN diplomat drew attention to the still complex security situation in Syria. Progress in resolving key national security issues such as foreign occupation and terrorism can help create the necessary conditions for the political process, Dai said. The Chinese diplomat added:

“China stands ready to work with the United Nations, the Guarantee States of the Astana Process and relevant countries in the region to make greater efforts to resolve the above two outstanding issues.”

The economic and humanitarian situation in Syria is grim. It is the responsibility of the international community to help the Syrian people overcome the difficulties and move forward with reconstruction, Dai said.

The international community must seriously implement Security Council Resolution 2585 by providing unconditional humanitarian and reconstruction assistance to the Syrian people and helping them to obtain sustainable basic services. The Chinese diplomat explained:

China welcomes the United Nations’ decision to allocate 26 percent of the funds for the Syria humanitarian aid plan to carry out 570 projects. Beijing hopes these projects can truly improve people’s living conditions, reduce humanitarian aid needs and save more lives in Syria. The People’s Republic also welcomes the third cross-border aid operation that the United Nations recently launched in north-west Syria. Dai said:

“We appreciate the Syrian government’s active cooperation in this operation and call on the relevant parties in the North West to ensure access and security for the cross-border operation to facilitate the distribution of aid.”

The mechanism of cross-border humanitarian aid is controversial, emphasized Dai. The United Nations should step up monitoring of cross-border aid operations to ensure their humanitarian character. At the same time, the gradual transition from cross-border operations to operations between different party-controlled areas in Syria will be promoted, the envoy said.

The Chinese diplomat again called on the US and other Western countries to lift their unilateral coercive measures against Syria in order to give the Syrian people their rights to develop the economy, engage in trade and rebuild the country.

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