Biden announces new arms sales to Ukraine worth 150 million euros — RT DE

The package is the latest in a series of arms deliveries from Washington. The US declared goal is to help Ukraine win the war against Russia. A special fund was set up for this purpose, which the US President can dispose of without consulting Congress.

Washington has approved another shipment of arms to Ukraine’s armed forces. The US agreed to resupply $150 million worth of ammunition and military hardware, following a series of similar transfers in recent weeks.

The White House announced the move on Friday in a press release, in which it reiterated the “historic scale” of military aid Kyiv has received since the Russian attack on February 24. US President Joe Biden stated:

“I am announcing another package of security assistance that will provide Ukraine with additional artillery ammunition, radars and other equipment.”

The US leader went on to argue that Washington’s arms shipments are “crucial” to Ukraine’s war effort.

A US official quoted by Reuters gave a more detailed breakdown of the aid package, saying the new arms shipments are worth $150 million and include “25,000 pieces of 155mm artillery shells, anti-artillery radars , jamming devices, field equipment and spare parts”.

The new weapons package will be financed from funds released under the so-called “Presidential Drawdown Authority”. This allows the White House to ship weapons from US stocks to foreign states without the approval of Congress. The fund currently has $250 million left, more than half of which is set to go toward the latest relief package.

Although President Biden said the guns would go “directly to the frontlines of freedom in Ukraine,” their ultimate destination may never be known. US officials have conceded that once the war tools enter the active conflict zone in Ukraine, it is virtually impossible to trace their path. An intelligence source told CNN that shortly after arriving, they fell into a “big black hole.”

Earlier arms shipments, beginning with small arms and ammunition, have also included increasingly heavier ordnance ranging from surveillance and attack drones to large artillery pieces and grenades.

Friday’s $150 million package likely won’t be the last for Kyiv, as Biden last month proposed a whopping $33 billion in aid to the country, including more than $20 billion in military aid. US lawmakers have yet to approve the measure, but the president urged them to pass it “quickly,” citing Ukraine’s “almost depleted” weapons inventory.

Biden said:

“In order for Ukraine to be successful in this next phase of the war, (we as) its international partners, including the US, must continue to demonstrate our unity and determination to provide Ukraine with uninterrupted arms and ammunition.”

The US President will sign the so-called “Lend-Lease Act of 2022” on Monday, which will enable further deliveries of ordnance, as well as the shipment of new weapon systems.

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