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Israel is said to be behind the poisoning of two Iranian scientists earlier this month, according to the New York Times. The report came days after two Iranian Revolutionary Guard aerospace experts died under mysterious circumstances during operations.

Two Iranian scientists who died suddenly earlier this month are said to have been poisoned by Israeli intelligence. An Iranian official said so in a report released on Monday New York Times. The report came a few days after two aerospace experts from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Guard died under mysterious circumstances during operations: Ali Kamani, a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Aerospace Department, was on a mission in the city of Khomein in the center of the country lost his life. In a separate incident in the northern Iranian province of Semnan, 33-year-old aviation expert Mohammad Abdus also died.

Ajjub Entesari was an aeronautical engineer employed at a military research center. Kamran Aghamolaei was a geologist believed to have worked at Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility. Both men fell ill under bizarre circumstances in late May and their condition deteriorated rapidly before their deaths in June. Iran meanwhile blamed Israel for the assassination. The two scientists had poison mixed into their food, an unnamed Iranian official and two other people with ties to the Tehran government told the NYT.

If, as Iran suspects, these mysterious deaths were a targeted assassination, these incidents would fit the pattern of a shadow war between Iran and Israel, which both are long engaged in. The shadow war between the two countries appears to be intensifying. In the past two weeks alone, Iran has rocked a string of deaths linked to Israel. Israel appears to have broadened its targets from high-level figures associated with the nuclear program to lower-level military personnel and scientists. In late May, Colonel Sajjad Khodai, a senior member of the Revolutionary Guard’s Quds Force, was murdered in cold blood outside his home. Two motorcyclists attacked him on the open road and killed the man with five shots.

Meanwhile, Israel is urging its own citizens to avoid Istanbul, Turkey, or to leave the city if they are already there. The background is the threat posed by Iran. Tehran could try to “kill or kidnap” Israelis, warns Israeli Foreign Minister Jair Lapid.

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