community of action "75 years of the Nuremberg Code" criticizes vaccination practice: "Large field experiment"

The Nuremberg Doctors’ Trial began on December 9, 1946, after the trials against the main actors in the Nazi crimes. Up until August 20, 1947, twenty concentration camp doctors, one lawyer and two administrative clerks stood before the court in Nuremberg as the organizers of the crimes in the medical field.

They were charged with medical experiments on humans. These included, among other things, negative pressure and hypothermia tests, seawater tests, injections of typhus vaccines, bone transplants, phlegmon tests as well as mustard and phosgene tests. Forced sterilizations and euthanasia killings were also carried out.

So that such medical crimes cannot be repeated, on August 20, 1947, as part of the verdict of the Nuremberg Code released. Since then, the Code, like the Geneva Pledge, has been a medical principle and is part of the training of medical professionals. In the case of medical experiments, the Nuremberg Code absolutely prescribes the voluntary consent of a test person. Point 1 of a total of 10 points of the Nuremberg Code states:

“The voluntary consent of the subject is essential. That is, the subject must be legally capable of giving consent; able, unaffected by force, deceit, subterfuge, pressure, pretense or any other form of persuasion or coercion to use her judgement; that she must have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the subject matter in order to make an informed decision.”

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary, the community of action “75 Years Nuremberg Codex” for August 20th at the Wöhrder Wiese in Nuremberg memorial event“75 Years of the Nuremberg Code – Never Again Compulsory Medicine”. The action group was founded in spring 2022 by the organisations Doctors for Enlightenment Foundationsuch as Doctors get upunder the motto “Our values ​​determine our actions”. She describes herself

“as the umbrella organization of all organizations and people who work to ensure that the implementation of medical experiments on humans must remain subject to the strictest rules – just as the Nuremberg Code has provided for with good reason for 75 years”.

In their event announcement it says:

“On the occasion of the historic anniversary, we commemorate the worldwide victims of coercive medicine. Let us use this anniversary year to celebrate the triumph of humanity over the abysses of state terror and to insist on unconditional compliance with the clear requirements of the Nuremberg Code, which do not require any interpretation. “

The action group criticizes the current medical vaccination practice in the Corona crisis with sharp words. She sees this as a disregard for the Nuremberg Code and explains this in her appeal as follows: “The current deployment of a novel pharmaceutical technology – mRNA and vector-based preventive therapies – is taking place without people being able to give informed consent and without Doctors can inform them, because the information base was missing and now that it is available, it is no longer taken into account.”

“Hence, what is currently taking place is a large field experiment without informed consent.”

In a press release, the German Medical Association to the 75th anniversary and the manifesto of the Nuremberg Code, which still influences medical practice today. In the communication, however, the chamber expressly “against the misinterpretation by opponents of the corona vaccinations, who see the vaccinations as a violation of the code, and warns against the misuse of the ethical manifesto”. According to the press release, the first and essential principle of the code is “the voluntary consent of the test subject”, who must be informed and able to make a free decision.

This was followed very closely in the clinical studies on the effects and side effects of vaccinations against COVID disease: “Thousands of volunteers took part in the studies on the effectiveness and risks of the corona vaccines, which had previously been subjected to careful scientific investigations . Only then were the vaccinations approved.” The President of the Berlin Medical Association, PD Dr. medical Peter Bobbert:

“The vaccines were thoroughly tested, first on animals, as the code stipulates, and then on – voluntary – test persons. To speak of a mass experiment with the corona vaccinations is therefore completely incorrect.”

“The vaccines are well researched and they protect – ourselves and our fellow human beings,” explains Dr. medical Matthias Blöchle, Vice President of the Berlin Medical Association. “To create parallels to the inhuman and cruel experiments in the Nazi state is infamous and unacceptable. It shows complete ignorance of the historical facts and does not do justice to an objective discussion.” On Wednesday, the German closedmedical journal in a “warning against misuse of the Nuremberg Code by opponents of vaccination” to the criticism of the Berlin Medical Association.

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