CIA plans to recruit anti-war Russians as spies — RT EN

24 Nov 2022 1:31 p.m

According to a report, the US foreign intelligence agency CIA is looking for Russian citizens who speak out against the military operation in Ukraine. They want to recruit them to spy for Washington.

The Wall Street Journal reported, citing the CIA’s Deputy Director of Operations David Marlowethe Russian special operation in Ukraine was a “huge failure” and opened up opportunities for Western secret services to influence “dissatisfied Russians”:

“We’re looking for Russians around the world who are just as disgusted as we are. We’re open to business.”

“Putin had his best moment the day before the invasion,” continued Marlowe. According to the report, the Russian head of state could have influenced NATO and demonstrated Russia’s military, economic and diplomatic power, but instead he “wasted every single one of those points”.

According to the newspaper report, Marlowe’s comments reflect recent opinions of former senior CIA officers that dissatisfaction with the conflict in Ukraine provides “fertile breeding ground” for agent recruitment. Among other things, this could affect business people whose assets are now frozen, as well as entrepreneurs.

At the event on Hayden Center for Intelligence, Politics and International Security Also attending was Linda Weissgold, the CIA’s Deputy Director of Analysis, from George Mason University in Virginia. She said the war in Ukraine will not end any time soon. According to her, the understanding of the conflicting parties about what they are fighting for remains the critical point.

It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of Russians have left their homes since the end of February. The largest wave of emigration came in September after the announcement of partial mobilization.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law in the summer that equates turning sides with the enemy during hostilities to treason.

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