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24 Nov 2022 4:21 p.m

There is growing evidence that the failed assassination attempt on September 1 was part of a long-prepared attempted coup in Argentina. People from the contact environment of the main suspect had contacts with the secret service headquarters under ex-President Mauricio Macri. (Part 2)

Part 1 can be found here.

An analysis by Maria Müller

Looking back at the nearly three-month-long investigations led by examining magistrate María Eugenia Capuchetti, there are growing indications that the failed assassination attempt on September 1 was part of a long-prepared attempted coup against the left-Peronist government was. Not only the Vice President was targeted, but also President Alberto Fernández and Máximo Kirchner, the Vice President’s son. This emerges from the chats and audios between participating members of right-wing extremist organizations.

On November 15, the Argentine Vice President’s lawyers presented a motion to bias the investigating magistrate. (The original text can be found here.)

According to the lawyers’ criticism, Judge María Capuchetti failed to examine important traces, disregarded backup protocols and had important evidence destroyed (deleted data from mobile phones under her jurisdiction). In several chats, a man named Nicolás Carrizo made a confession two hours after the assassination.

Confessions via chat

Excerpts from the relevant chat history read:

“We just did tries to kill Cristina.”

“The gun is mine.”

“My employee wanted to shoot her.”

“I swear to God: We are with the group, everyone sticks together.”

“Well, my friend, whoever kills her will be a friend, or myself.”

Although the public prosecutor’s office secured the chats a month ago and added them to the case files, the examining magistrate did not react.

Four suspected contacts from the group of perpetrators were arrested weeks late and released a short time later. The judge has so far not wanted to check contacts with senior officials in Mauricio Macri’s former government, including joint trips abroad. Witnesses, in turn, are confronted with proceedings for making false statements.

Bias application not yet decided

The motion for bias was accepted by the court on November 18 and has not yet been decided. More on that in the next article.

It is striking that most of the people identified so far from the contact environment of the main suspect were connected to the head of the intelligence center (AFI) of the Argentine Ministry of the Interior – including the investigating magistrate herself. All of them during the tenure of ex-president Mauricio Macri.

The trail of Hernán Carrol

This includes Hernán Carrol. Cristina Fernández K. presented information about Hernán Carrol at the trial and asked the judge to conduct investigations into this person. Carol is said to have several foreign travel together with Fernando Ángel Villares, who held a senior position in the intelligence department of the Argentine Federal Criminal Police Office in the Macri era. Fernando Villares’ boss at the Interior Ministry was Gerardo Milman, who is now the Juntos por el Cambio (Macri) MP. He is accused by a witness of having knowledge of the planning of the assassination.

Refrain from clarifying trips abroad

The trips abroad with a high-ranking civil servant in security-sensitive functions do not quite fit the image of a penniless outsider with a low income, as Carrol presented himself to the judge. With a simple request to the migration authorities, she could have found out whether these trips took place, who took part and where they went. But the judge remains passive to this day.

After similar experiences with secret service-controlled contacts with neo-Nazi groups or with Islamist organizations in Europe and especially in Germany, one can assume that Hernán Carrol is very likely to be a link between the “secret service department” of the Argentine Ministry of the Interior under Macri and the “Aktion ” ready right groups represents.

The judge never ordered a search of his house in order to be able to surprisingly confiscate his two phones. Cristina Fernández K.’s lawyers had repeatedly urged this. When finally summoned as a witness two months later, Carrol unashamedly stated that he had deleted all WhatsApp contacts the day before and was happy to let the judge have the device. According to a statement by the judge, there is no reason to question his credibility. Eventually she took the deleted device and gave Carrol the second one, unchecked, because he “needed it for his political work.”

A European-style assassin attendant?

Apart from the still unsolved, high-profile trips abroad by Hernán Carrol with a security agent of the first rank, his role in the structure of the complex planned assassination seems to be more central than was previously apparent. One could describe him as the “supervisor” or “referent” of the perpetrator. Because shortly after his arrest, Sabag Montiel wrote a letter in which he described Hernán Carrol as the one who “him get a lawyer and will take care of his situation”, which is why he rejects the mandatory lawyer assigned to him. Literally it says:

“I leave it to Mr. Hernán Carrol to provide me with a new lawyer. He has the necessary means to do so.”

For his part, Carrol claims that he first heard about Sabag M.’s proposal from the press and never spoke to him. However, he later admitted that he had been contacted by several lawyers who wanted to work for the detainees free of charge.

Hernán Carrol is no stranger to centre-right political circles. He appears on the Instagram page of the “New Right Center” party as a central figure. He can be seen in numerous photos with prominent representatives of this party: with MPs José Luis Espert, Javier Milei, Ricardo López Murphy and with Patricia Bullrich (Minister of the Interior under Macri). Hernán Carrol can also be seen in photos as a participant in actions of both the neo-fascist organization “Federal Revolution” and at rallies of the “New Right Center”.

Another agent from Intelligence Headquarters

Another not unimportant detail: Hernán Carrol is the cousin of an agent of the Argentine Interior Ministry’s Intelligence Center (AFI) under Mauricio Macri. His name is Manuel Jorge Gorostiaga.

This dazzling figure worked there in the “Special Events Department” which was the “Directorate of Terrorist Operations” subordinates.

In parallel, he played a significant role as an “influencer” using the pseudonym “Emmanuel Danan”, especially in the psychological-political indoctrination of young people in social networks. He is said to have 1.5 million fans on his YouTube channel, hundreds of thousands on Instagram and Facebook. He is extremely provocative, aggressive, misogynistic and anti-social. As part of the discussions about the high crime rate in Argentina, he even calls for the personal use of weapons. In this case, too, you can find a photo with Patrizia Bullrich in a street café on Instagram, and other photos together with Carrol at rallies of the party “Neuerechte Mitte” and the neo-Nazi organization “Federal Revolution”. Patrizia Bullrich praised the young man as “part of the youth with an enormous vocation for change”. And she added:

“The new generations are the force of change and they have a lot to contribute to the future.”

In their application for bias, the lawyers address numerous other topics, episodes and unexplained traces that cannot be considered here. They would go beyond the scope of this article. On November 18, her application was accepted by the court. Then the examining magistrate María Capuchetti presented her counter-argument in a 43-page document and dismissed the application for bias return. A decision is now pending from the Court of Appeals, which held an oral hearing on November 23. This will be reported in the next article.

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