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Russian Ministry of Defense: Kyiv is preparing to use biological weapons

Documents seized during Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine confirm that the country is preparing to use biological weapons. This was said on Thursday by Dmitry Poklonsky, head of the Russian Defense Ministry’s Chemical and Biological Threats Research Center. He explained:

“Inspection reports on the collection of microorganisms have been received, showing the accumulation of pathogenic material in unreasonable quantities. There are documents confirming interest in procuring unmanned carrier vehicles that could be used for biological weapons. Given the opaque work and In the absence of a reasoned response from the US and Ukraine, we naturally consider the documents received as evidence of a violation of Article 1.4 of the Biological Weapons Convention.”

Poklonski said documents found during the special operation, including reports from the US Department of Defense’s Office of Threat Reduction, showed that the types of work being done there often did not match actual health problems. He added:

“In several cases, pathogens of infectious diseases were investigated that had never been detected in Ukraine.”

The expert further stressed that neither Washington nor Kyiv disputed the fact that there are biolaboratories in Ukraine financed by the US military. Poklonski noted:

“This fact is confirmed by an agreement between the US Department of Defense and the Ukrainian Ministry of Health in 2005. Much more questions are raised by the type of research being conducted in these biolaboratories and how that research relates to the requirements of the convention. “

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