Internship / Flexiship (m/f/d) Chief Tomorrow Officer

You don’t need to write a fancy cover letter – what we really need is your #questionfortomorrow.

What keeps your mind busy when you think about the future?

Is it about technology like “How can AI help to create a stress-free work environment?” or is it about the environment like “How can we create a mental model for sustainability?” or is it about the economy like “How can we accelerate productivity without exploiting humans or nature?”, or is it perhaps a combination of all three?

In this internship you will get the chance as Chief Tomorrow Officer to work independently on your #questionfortomorrow by defining your project, with your own scope, and your own way of working. The goal is to solve (or get close to solving) your #questionfortomorrow during the internship. We will support you by providing you access to a network of experts. However, the responsibility of solving the question is in your hands.

If you’re adventurous, keen to question the status quo and want to pave your own way, submit your #questionfortomorrow in your application and be as creative as possible (drawing, video, etc.).

Besides solving your #questionfortomorrow you will also organize our Tomorrow Board Community) alongside with your fellow Chief Tomorrow Officers. Tomorrow Board is a community that consists of generation Z and wants to make impact by finding solutions for futuristic topics.

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You are the game changer!

Chief Tomorrow Officers solve their #questionfortomorrow change the game through their power of persuasion and leadership. They are constantly learning and helping to make connections within and between organizations – for a better, more livable future. They are pragmatic dreamers who ceaselessly see possibilities.

Useful skills

You love learning new things

You are a networker and inspire others to break new ground with you You enjoy tackling problems in a sustainable way – by meaningfully involving others in the process You are optimistic and pragmatic You are interested in math and science, art and design

Top skills

Communication and sharing critical thinking

team work

Leadership skills

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