Dual course of studies in business administration – B.Sc. Focus on digitization 2023

This is how your 3-year dual study program works:

Joint start in the introductory workshop, in which you get to know Commerzbank and other dual students and can network directly in the bank Theory and practical phases alternating between 8 and 12 weeks Comprehensive practical training in experienced teams, in which you become a connoisseur in terms of user experience, agility, cyber security, big data, cloud, API, regulation and the development and optimization of smart solutions, you will get to know our business processes and products and have extensive experience in project work. You work in a team, analyze needs and requirements, and design solutions and market them If you are interested, you have the opportunity to get more involved in technical topics. Studies in business administration at the Rhein-Main University of Cooperative Education in Rödermark. Innovative seminars from the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, e-learning courses, on-the-job training will help you Develop a digital skillset and qualify f For successful dialogue with internal customers from other areas of the bank In addition to the attractive salary, we pay all of the tuition fees

After successful studies

… you have your bachelor’s degree in your pocket and, if you perform well, you have a very good chance of being hired

… you have the option to take up a master’s degree and remain part of the team through the “Studienkreis”, our internal support program

Your location is Frankfurt am Main

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