Head of Capital Markets Clients & MNC BeNeLux

The Head of Capital Markets Clients & MNC BeNeLux (HoMNC) is responsible for the management of Relationship Managers covering clients which are either defined as Capital Markets Clients and / or Multinational Corportes (MNC) in the BeNeLux region. Furthermore the HoMNC is responsible for the management and direction of Associates and Trainees assigned to his/her department.

The HoMNC is also responsible for the clients assigned directly to the HoMNC involving product specialists where required, and for project-related support and tasks concerning business development.

Given the sophisticated request of this client group the alignment with product specialist includes but is not limited to the whole Investment Banking platform of the bank, including Capital Markets Specialists, Sector Banker, DCM- / ECM Banker and to ensure a globally aligned coordination of the relationships with all units of the bank.

Furthermore, the HoMNC is responsible for all KYC, AML and related Compliance tasks within the 1st Line of Defense concept of the bank.

He/she acts as leader of the Corporates International franchise in the respective country/region, coordinating and overseeing all sales activities in its area of ​​responsibility as well as promoting the whole Corporate Clients product suite. He/she develops new sales initiatives and drives the continuous improvement of sales efforts.

As most of the clients’ transactions have a strategic character, the HoMNC will leverage his/her network and will aim to have access to clients’ senior decision makers (CEO/CFO).

The HoMNC also conducts a holistic planning and budgeting process for the entire client portfolio and conducts a regular evaluation of the sales results.

He/she has to ensure that all assigned employees are properly trained (business & compliance/ regulatory related issues) and kept informed on a regular basis.

Taking overall responsibility for the Capital Markets Clients & MNC Clients portfolio of the BeNeLux region, for the results and focusing on value oriented aspects and achieving targets (eg revenue, cross-sell, cost and client growth, profitability) set by the responsible Country CEO .

Form a Customer Service Team (CST) together with the sector coverage (where applicable), Trade Finance & Cash Management (TF&CM), the Investment Banking product specialists from FICC and DCM, as well as the Global Lead RM (where applicable). Market the full range of the bank’s products (“cross-selling”) and ensure that all members of the CST have direct access to the client.

Taking into account all necessary data quality aspects by using the IT systems and applications made available to the RM by the bank.

The HoMNC is responsible for KYC, AML and related Compliance tasks within the 1st Line of Defense concept of the bank.

Acting in line with the Code of Conduct and ComWerte and especially uphold the Culture of Integrity at all times. In this respect acting as a role model for team members.

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