Analyst Intensive Care in Global Credit Center

In line with Commerzbank’s high standards regarding client-oriented services and subject to general principles, business and credit related directives, as well as the guidelines for managing credit risks:

Ensure (i) independent and competent credit risk analyzes and assessments (industry expertise and peer comparison being the accepted norms); (ii) to support the Intensive Care Officers in Frankfurt and London in (re-)structuring transactions; prepare ratings; Be responsible together with the Intensive Care Officers FFM/ Ldn. (IO) for getting the necessary client information and research, potentially with direct client contact to take into account the overall risk profile (amount/tenor/rating) to match the depth of analysis required;

The over-arching goal thereby is to mitigate risks for the bank and to keep the customer as a “going concern” at best. In case there is no successful restructuring possible, the analyst shall support all activities enfolded by the bank to minimize losses by as much as possible.

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