Intern in the New Mainframe cluster

In the New Mainframe cluster, we have bundled all the competencies of the Key Area Technology Foundation that deal with the strategic IT platform of the IBM mainframe. This is the central mainframe for the mass processing of business transactions, for example in payment transactions or securities processing and the backbone of online banking.

Your three to six-month internship with us could look like this:

Why should you start with us?

Stuffy banking and dusty IT were yesterday – we are curious, courageous and fascinating our vision: delivering innovation in a stable way

What can you expect from us?

We love it – our mainframe: But mainframe doesn’t mean Dino – we are working on modernizing our high-performance platform with modern programming languages, API and CI/CD solutions and we are looking for you to work in our agile “Solution Governance & Orchestration” team and assists with the following tasks:
Business process analysis and documentation Creation and interpretation of business data Further development of reports for our customers Settlement of services within the bank Competent support + experienced team x active collaboration = fun at work

How do we work?

We are real IT – we work agile and networked with around 35 stakeholder clusters that operate decentralized mainframe applications. We are responsible for around 150 applications on the mainframe ourselves

And then?

If you perform very well, you have the option of being included in our internal support program “Studienkreis” and thus staying connected to the cluster.

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