Internship at Commerz Business Consulting: Research & Knowledge Management

While the CBC make a significant contribution to the implementation of the strategic agenda of the Commerzbank Group with their projects, you contribute to the fundamental success of the projects in the Research & Knowledge Management department with analyzes and specialist knowledge. You will support our project teams by processing research assignments, opening up new subject areas and analyzing current trends in the banking industry (e.g. use cases of blockchain technology or sustainability). You prepare the results of your research in a structured manner and then discuss them with our project teams. In addition, you will proactively promote the internal development of knowledge at the CBC in the form of newsletters and lectures, bringing in your own impulses on a wide variety of topics. Your internship will be supplemented by your own project, which you will independently advance over the entire internship period. You will be looked after by an experienced specialist, you will receive professional and methodical support as well as regular feedback.

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