Scrum Master – Market Data

Commerzbank is a leading international commercial bank with branches and offices in almost 50 countries. The world is changing, becoming digital, and so we are. We are leaving the traditional bank behind us and are choosing to move forward as a digital enterprise. This is exactly why we need talented people who will join us on this journey. We work in inter-location and international teamwork in agile methodologies.

Description of the cluster:

The Market Data (MD) cluster is responsible for sourcing, distribution and provision of market data within Commerzbank. By actively managing vendors, licenses and requirements, as well as implementing market data platforms and services, the cluster is actively driving process automation and significant cost reductions without negatively impacting our business or capabilities , the market data providers and their services and delivery channels. It optimizes Market Data Connectivity to meet business requirements based on latency, bandwidth, and cost. The market data monitoring will be continuously expanded to monitor market data consumption and identify inefficiencies such as duplication, unnecessary or unused licenses.

In Lodz BDAA Market Data has a development and an operational engineering chapter. We intend to build up a team of 16 FTE supporting any technological tasks within BDAA Market Data. The staff in Lodz is organized in two chapters, one software engineer chapter and one operational engineer chapter.

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