Senior Security Specialist Offensive Security

Are you curious and like to put yourself in the attacker’s perspective? Would you like to gain insights into new technologies? Black boxes call to be opened and understood? Reading CTF Writeups at breakfast? Would you like to work in the future-proof (cyber) risk area of ​​the bank? Then you could be a good fit for us!

As a Senior Security Specialist in Offensive Security, you will test the bank’s IT applications and infrastructure for security gaps and thus simulate attacks on these systems. You are responsible for comprehensive threat analyzes of the systems to be tested and develop target and project-specific attack patterns and techniques. Based on the technical vulnerability and the underlying business processes, you develop risk assessments and solution strategies. In addition, you examine IT products with the aim of finding and eliminating vulnerabilities in communication protocols, cryptographic implementations and architectures. You will also carry out so-called Red Team Exercises.

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