Vaccine skepticism and culture fights: The USA runs into a vaccination wall

At the end of May, all American adults are said to have received an offer for a corona vaccination. It will not fail with the necessary vaccine; instead, the USA must tremble for another reason. Demand declines – before herd immunity is achieved. The USA has long been loosened by the Corona crisis. But things […]

Tax allowance doubled: more tax advantages for startup employees

Company start-ups continue to receive strong support in Germany. Start-up employees can look forward to a higher tax-free allowance for company investments. For startups, the step decided by the Finance Committee is intended to facilitate both incentives and loyalty. In the future, startups should be able to bind their employees more closely with tax advantages. […]

Contract with a new smartphone: With cell phone bundles, consumers pay extra

Many mobile phone providers lure customers with combined smartphone and tariff contracts. According to a consumer portal, this is usually the much more expensive option. At Telekom and Vodafone, the higher monthly costs even continue to run even though the device has already been paid off. Anyone who chooses a so-called bundle contract for their […]