IMF urges El Salvador to abandon bitcoin – President replies with joking tweet — RT EN

27 Jan 2022 11:47 am The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has asked El Salvador to revoke the legal tender status of the digital currency Bitcoin. According to the organization, there are great risks associated with Bitcoin. President Nayib Bukele reacted with amusement. In September 2021, the Central American state became the first country in the […]

US left key question unanswered — RT DE

27 Jan 2022 11:40 am On Wednesday, the United States and NATO provided Russia with written responses to demands for security guarantees. The Russian foreign office has now responded to the letter. Minister Lavrov said the most important issue was left unaddressed. President Putin will decide how to proceed. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov confirmed […]

Russian ruling party asks authorities to deliver arms in Donbass — RT EN

27 Jan 2022 09:19 am The Russian ruling party United Russia has asked the authorities to deliver armaments to the Donbass. The two self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Lugansk welcomed this opportunity. Meanwhile, NATO is actively arming Ukraine. Vladimir Vasilyev, the faction leader of United Russia, the largest party in the State Duma, has announced […]

Russia deepens military cooperation with Cuba and other countries in the region — RT EN

27 Jan 2022 8:14 am Russian President Vladimir Putin has agreed with the heads of state of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua to develop partnerships in a number of areas. This also includes increased military cooperation, as the Russian Foreign Minister announced on Wednesday. Speaking to the Duma, Russia’s parliament, on Wednesday, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov […]

Denmark breaks free — RT EN

27 Jan 2022 06:30 am One European country after another is ending the Corona emergency regime. In our northern neighbor Denmark, it is supposed to end on February 1st. This is what Minister of Health Magnus Heunicke is planning. Denmark is expected to lift all corona restrictions from February 1st, with the exception of entry […]