Opening to the West? Maduro invites French oil and gas companies to Venezuela — RT EN

Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro is inviting French oil companies to his country in the face of rising fuel prices around the world. The politician is always ready to welcome you to the South American country with the world’s largest oil reserves. Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro said this Monday that his country is expecting all French […]

Goal for 2022 is to end the COVID-19 emergency — RT EN

The Regional Director for Europe at the World Health Organization (WHO) Hans Kluge answered RT questions about the Corona crisis and monkeypox. He also commented on the proposed WHO resolution to close the Moscow-based WHO European Office for the Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases. The Belgian doctor Dr. Hans Henri P. Kluge has been […]

Lauterbach wants to increase health insurance contributions by 0.3 percent in 2023 — RT DE

Only last year was the additional contribution to health insurance for people with statutory health insurance increased. Health Minister Karl Lauterbach is now calling for an increase of 0.3 percent for next year – to 1.6 percent. Predecessor Jens Spahn is also to blame for this. Employees and employers will also be more burdened by […]

New medical professional association “Hippocratic Oath” founded in Hamburg — RT DE

Doctors and therapists can now join a new professional association that is committed to free vaccination decisions and real education of the population. The “Hippocratic Oath” advocates human medicine that is truly committed to health. On June 11, doctors and scientists with a critical attitude towards the official corona narrative founded a new medical professional […]

Tehran and Moscow move closer together — RT DE

The Wall Street Journal reveals that in March the US convened a secret meeting of senior military officials from Israel and Arab countries to form a military alliance against Iran in the region. Ahead of Biden’s trip to the Middle East, top Russian diplomat Lavrov visited Tehran, where he warned about the concept of so-called […]