NATO accession only with fulfilled promises — RT DE

Turkey cleared the way for Finland and Sweden to join NATO – albeit with conditions attached. At the end of the military alliance meeting in Madrid, Turkish President Erdoğan once again reminded the two states that the promises must be kept. Turkey will not ratify Sweden and Finland’s NATO membership applications until the Scandinavian countries […]

Kherson authorities do not see Zelenskyy as president and want quick accession to Russia — RT EN

When can we say that the Kherson region belongs to Ukraine in the past tense? In fact, southern Ukraine is already completely split off. Now the new government of the regional capital has renounced Zelenskiy on behalf of the whole region. Vladimir Zelensky cannot be called the President of Ukraine, since in reality he is […]

US ready to provide military support to new NATO accession candidates — RT EN

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby announced that the United States is ready to provide military support to NATO accession candidates Sweden and Finland if necessary. He stressed that it is none of Moscow’s business whether countries join NATO or not. On Sunday, both Finland and Sweden officially announced their intention to join NATO – despite multiple […]

Informal meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Berlin to discuss Sweden and Finland accession — RT EN

15 May 2022 20:02 During today’s meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Berlin, the Ukraine crisis and the admission of Finland and Sweden to NATO were discussed. Meanwhile, Russia has once again made it clear that it perceives the membership of the two hitherto neutral states as a threat. During today’s meeting of NATO foreign […]

“Inns for terrorist organizations” – Erdoğan criticizes Finland and Sweden’s NATO accession — RT DE

Turkish President Erdoğan was critical of Sweden and Finland joining NATO on Friday. The Scandinavian countries are “guesthouses for terrorists” and that is why Turkey cannot currently see anything positive in the accession of the northern Europeans. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was critical of Finland and Sweden joining NATO on Friday. He said to […]