Mexico condemns NATO action against Ukraine — RT EN

Mexican President Andrés Obrador has criticized NATO’s actions in Ukraine. Western policy in Ukraine is absolutely immoral and only contributes to further bloodshed. The head of state is convinced that the war could have been prevented. Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has criticized Western countries for their handling of the conflict in Ukraine, warning […]

‘Out of action in 60 seconds’ – US company wants armed drones in schools — RT DE

In response to recent shootings in the US, Axon Enterprise, which makes Taser-branded stun guns, has been promoting armed drones in schools. After protests and resignations in the company’s Ethics Council, CEO Rick Smith backtracked – for the time being. Axon Enterprise, which makes Taser-branded stun guns, was forced to back down after CEO Rick […]

“Weapons finds” – Paul Brandenburg laments misleading reporting of police action — RT DE

Paul Brandenburg’s apartment was searched by the police on Monday. The critic of the Corona measures has now complained about misleading media reporting. They tried to report negatively about him. without even asking him. A few days after the Berlin police searched his apartment, the doctor and entrepreneur Paul Brandenburg criticized the media coverage of […]

Bill Gates calls for more effective vaccines and global action — RT EN

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, US entrepreneur Bill Gates called for longer-lasting vaccines. The Microsoft founder also warned of new pandemics that could arise in poorer countries. He advocates global action to fight disease. Speaking at the World Economic Forum in the Swiss municipality of Davos on May 24, Microsoft founder and “patron” […]