US wants to support “civic activities” in Serbia with up to 10 million US dollars — RT DE

According to Washington, it wants to support Serbia on its way to EU membership. The US agency for development cooperation, USAID, will provide financial support for “civic activities” in the Balkan country. The US Embassy in Belgrade offers scholarships. The US agency for development cooperation USAID will spend from four to almost ten million US […]

Palestinians call on UN Security Council to curb Israeli activities — RT EN

The Palestinian authorities appealed to the highest body of the United Nations to persuade Israel to ban the activities of radical Jewish nationalist forces. According to media reports, Israeli activists are planning a provocation in a major mosque in Jerusalem. The Palestinian leadership on Tuesday called on the United Nations Security Council to bar Israel […]

China calls on US ‘crisis causers’ to clarify biomilitary activities — RT EN

29 Apr 2022 9:57 pm In the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, US bio-research laboratories located in dozens of different countries became the focus of public debate. Beijing calls for a thorough investigation. Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Tan Kefei on Thursday called the United States the real originator of biocrises and called on […]

Berlin distracts from its own activities in Ukraine with bioweapons allegations against Moscow — RT DE

16 Apr 2022 12:41 pm It became known that during the special military operation in Ukraine, Russian troops discovered new documents on the subject of military-biological activities in Ukraine. Could you please tell more about it? During the special military operation in Ukraine, the Russian armed forces got their hands on documents partially containing information […]

Ukrainian Orthodox Church condemns draft law banning its activities in Ukraine — RT EN

31 mar 2022 8:44 p.m The Ukrainian Orthodox Church has taken a critical stance on a draft law banning its activities in Ukraine. The legal department of the Church of Ukraine stated that it considered the draft law banning its activities in Ukraine to be unlawful. According to the legal department of the religious community, […]

North Korea to resume suspended military activities — RT EN

20 Jan 2022 8:20 p.m The country’s state media reported a politburo meeting of the ruling North Korean Workers’ Party, which threatened to resume various military activities. This was justified, among other things, with alleged violations of the USA against agreements. The North Korean government wants to strengthen the country’s defense and is therefore considering […]