AfD leader Chrupalla calls for dialogue with Russia — RT EN

10 May 2022 8:10 am AfD leader Tino Chrupalla condemns arms deliveries to Ukraine. On the other hand, he called for direct diplomatic dialogue with Russian President Vladimir Putin. In addition, it is the primary task of German politicians to represent German interests. Source: © Roland Weihrauch AfD chairman Tino Chrupalla demands According to […]

“AfD and Putin want to unhinge our democracy” — RT DE

Is the AfD “accomplice of a war criminal”? At least that’s what the Green MP Hofreiter thinks. The AfD deputies valued Putin because, like them, he was autocratic, homophobic and misogynistic. Hofreiter received support from an FDP deputy. According to Anton Hofreiter, the chairman of the European Committee in the Bundestag, the AfD’s position on […]

AfD parliamentary group in the Saxon state parliament fails with a motion to abolish compulsory nursing vaccination — RT DE

25 Apr 2022 4:36 pm What happens next with compulsory vaccination in nursing? That was the question asked by the Saxon AfD parliamentary group in Dresden on Monday. However, a motion to abolish the controversial encroachment on physical integrity was rejected by all other parties in the Saxon state parliament. The parliamentary group of the […]