Material shortages in construction at record level – housing may be affected – RT DE

In view of scarce and expensive building materials, a shortage of skilled workers and economic risks, experts expect moderate growth in building construction in the coming years. Plans for more living space could therefore be slowed down. The prices for energy, food and raw materials have risen more than they have in decades. This also […]

“30 percent of students affected by poverty” – Criticism of planned BAföG reform — RT DE

The number of BAföG recipients has continued to decline. The traffic light coalition now wants to expand the circle of recipients with a reform and raise the BAföG rates. But social organizations are sounding the alarm and are calling for a much larger increase. The opposition in the Bundestag has criticized the BAföG reform initiated […]

Karlsruhe dismissed numerous constitutional complaints from those affected — RT DE

21 Apr 2022 06:45 am The institution-related vaccination obligation exacerbates the nursing shortage in Germany. Tens of thousands of workers are now at risk of losing their jobs. Remedy by the Federal Constitutional Court is not in sight, despite questionable evidence: it has rejected the majority of over 200 complaints. by Susan Bonath The vaccines […]