German utility Uniper may need state aid — RT DE

The reduced gas deliveries from Russia are likely to cause problems for Uniper. The largest German gas importer has to buy expensive substitute quantities elsewhere. In order to secure the group’s liquidity, Uniper is talking to the federal government about possible state aid. The listed German energy supplier Uniper has withdrawn its overly high earnings […]

West and Turkey hope for UN aid shipments to Syria via Islamist-held areas — RT EN

Ireland, Norway and Turkey have called on the UN to resume aid shipments from Turkey to Islamist-held north-west Syria. They warned of a humanitarian crisis if the last border crossing on the Syrian border with Turkey is closed. The foreign ministers of Ireland, Norway and Turkey said UN aid shipments from Turkey to Islamist-held north-west […]

Ukraine expects more aid from India — RT EN

Kyiv is expecting more humanitarian aid from New Delhi and involvement in the country’s reconstruction once the fighting has ended. The Indian newspaper The Hindu reported on Friday, citing diplomatic sources. The paper quoted an unnamed official, apparently Ukrainian, as saying that in addition to being able to become a security guarantor for Ukraine, Kyiv […]

Billions in aid for German companies suffering from Russia sanctions — RT DE

The sharp increase in energy costs is causing problems for many companies. In addition, numerous companies have recorded sales declines due to the collapse of sales markets or production losses due to the sanctions against Russia. The federal government wants to provide help with a program worth billions. Tank discount, nine-euro ticket – and now […]

UN aid supplies for Ukrainian refugees – but not if they speak Russian — RT EN

Conditional Solidarity – a video clip that provides an insight into the local mental situation: In Lvov, western Ukraine, aid packages from UN donations are only given to internally displaced persons in Ukraine if they speak Ukrainian. The Ukrainian journalist, blogger, opposition politician and émigré Anatoly Shary tweeted a short video yesterday released, which is […]

Major raid in northern Germany – suspected fraud of millions with Corona aid — RT DE

In a large-scale operation in four federal states on Tuesday, investigators were looking for evidence against a suspected criminal network. Its members are suspected of having illegally enriched themselves with Corona aid. The damage is estimated at millions. Due to the suspicion of gang fraud and misappropriation of emergency and bridging aid during the corona […]

Panic and disintegration despite massive aid from the West — RT DE

Not so long ago, the fascists of the “Azov” regiment, who were trapped in the Mariupol Steelworks, capitulated. As predicted by some authors, this appears to have initiated the disintegration of the Ukrainian armed forces. Commentary by Daniil Bessonov Kiev’s propaganda blithely delivers report after report that “the whole” world is helping the Ukrainian armed […]