Protest against restructuring: 14,000 take part in Airbus warning strike

Airbus would like to outsource the production of aircraft parts and sell parts to a supplier subsidiary. More than 13,000 employees would be affected by the planned restructuring of the group. After IG Metall repeatedly called for a warning strike, thousands stayed at home to protest the plans. In the conflict over the restructuring of […]

Billionaire deal with France: Emirates equip dozens of fighter jets

During his visit to the United Arab Emirates, French President Macron concluded a lucrative armaments deal: Among other things, 80 Rafale fighter jets were sold to the desert state. In the future, billions are expected to flow into French industry. The United Arab Emirates is buying 80 French Rafale fighter jets. The contract with the […]

Dead jet survives Corona: Super-Jumbo A380 takes off again

In the Corona crisis, the world’s largest passenger aircraft finally seems to be history. But now the A380 from Airbus is making a fresh start in some airlines. But not everywhere, because his comeback also has a number of disadvantages. For the super-jumbo Airbus A380, the routes from London to Frankfurt or Madrid are little […]

Follows 737 Max "Dreamliner": Boeing suffers from the next series of breakdowns

The US aviation giant Boeing is slipping into the red again. This time it is not the fault of the 737 Max, but a breakdown series of the 787 “Dreamliner” model. In addition, the crisis-ridden “Starliner” spaceship has a negative impact on the balance sheet. Boeing is not getting out of the crisis: Persistent problems […]

Merger plans cause unrest: Thousands are on strike at Airbus

Big strike in the aviation industry: Thousands of Airbus employees and its subsidiary Premium Aerotec lay down. The strike affects locations throughout Germany. It’s not just about higher wages. Because of the planned restructuring at Airbus Operations and Premium Aerotec, several thousand employees across Germany went on a warning strike that lasted just under a […]

Last machines before takeover: Airbus says goodbye to the A380

The A380 production stop has long been sealed. With the early takeover of the last aircraft, the world’s largest passenger aircraft will soon be history for Airbus. Because after the boom in giant machines, it is now said in the industry: “Less is more.” The world’s largest passenger jet, the A380, will finally be a […]