Failure in titanium components: Dreamliner is causing Boeing problems again

Boeing only stopped delivering its 787 Dreamliner in May due to a number of problems. Apparently there is another new addition: parts already installed in machines are not as resilient as intended. What this means for aircraft that have already been delivered is unclear. The US aircraft manufacturer Boeing has new problems with its 787 […]

"A shock at first sight": Orders for German industry collapse

It is the biggest slump in demand since the beginning of the Corona crisis: German industry unexpectedly suffers a collapse in orders, collecting 7.7 percent fewer orders than in the previous month. While orders from the euro zone are even increasing, those from the rest of the world are falling. German industry suffered an unexpected […]

Ten-year breakdown series: Boeing Himmelsstürmer 787 is still paralyzed

The 787 “Dreamliner” was once Boeing’s hope for a new era of ultra-modern long-haul jets. After numerous production problems and flight bans, the model developed more and more into a breakdown project. Ten years ago Boeing delivered its first 787 “Dreamliner” long-haul jet – after major start-up difficulties and multiple postponements, the US aircraft manufacturer […]

Last machines before takeover: Airbus says goodbye to the A380

The A380 production stop has long been sealed. With the early takeover of the last aircraft, the world’s largest passenger aircraft will soon be history for Airbus. Because after the boom in giant machines, it is now said in the industry: “Less is more.” The world’s largest passenger jet, the A380, will finally be a […]

Competition for global market position: Obermann: Airbus threatens danger from China

Rivals Airbus and Boeing have shaped global aircraft construction for decades. In the competition for billions in orders, companies from China could soon enter the market. In the face of rapid technological advances, Airbus should not let itself be left behind, warns Obermann, Chairman of the Board. Airbus board member René Obermann warns of impending […]