Russian “aircraft” shot down over Kiev, probably Kalibr cruise missiles. Building fire — RT DE

25 Feb 2022 06:27 am A Russian “aircraft” is said to have shot down the Ukrainian air defenses over Kiev. Video footage is circulating online showing rockets rising into the night sky and eventually hitting something. The message is added. The device shot down, probably a Kalibr cruise missile, crashed into a residential building and […]

British aircraft carrier ‘ready for action’ in case ‘the situation in Ukraine escalates’ — RT EN

2 Feb 2022 12:17 pm The UK has reportedly put the Royal Navy’s aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales on standby in case the situation in Ukraine “escalates”. Fast jets, other warships and military specialists could also be sent. Britain has reportedly launched the Royal Navy’s aircraft carrier “HMS Prince of Wales” in the event […]

Major maneuver “Neptune Strike 2022” in the Mediterranean – US aircraft carrier under NATO command — RT DE

25 Jan 2022 20:06 Since January 24, the ships of the NATO Naval Striking and Support Forces Command and the US aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman have been patrolling the Mediterranean Sea as part of the “Neptune Strike” maneuver. But that has nothing to do with the situation in Ukraine. Simultaneously with the report […]