Lithium, the gold of the energy transition – Four Latin American countries have the largest reserves — RT EN

23 Apr 2022 7:29 p.m By Edgar Romero G. Lithium, often referred to as white gold, has attracted exceptional interest in many countries around the world in recent years. Although it has been commercially produced since 1923, initially used primarily in medicine, construction, and industry, interest in this metal today stems from its importance in […]

American Airlines offers bus service instead of connecting flights — RT DE

10 Apr 2022 3:04 pm With energy prices likely to continue rising into the peak summer travel season, bizarre twists in the conventional behavior of western governments and corporations are to be expected. Such as airlines that offer buses instead of connecting flights. Due to the sanctions imposed on Russia, diesel prices continue to rise […]

Mexico’s president highlights Central American refugee crisis ahead of US aid to Ukraine — RT EN

23 mar 2022 1:08 p.m Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador says he was surprised at how quickly the US Congress approved aid to Ukraine. The politician criticizes that the support promised to Central America is still not there after four years. On 22nd March Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador criticized the US for […]

Danger from American nuclear power plants – “Fake” spare parts were installed — RT DE

13 Feb 2022 10:36 pm An investigation by the responsible supervisory authority in the USA has shown that an unexplained number of “counterfeit”, non-original and non-approved spare parts have been installed in American nuclear power plants. As a result, there is a risk of serious accidents and damage, according to the investigators. An undetermined number […]

American submarine in Russian territorial waters – US military attaché summoned — RT EN

12 Feb 2022 10:15 p.m The Russian Pacific Fleet is also currently holding a maneuver. A US submarine was spotted in the vicinity of this maneuver and did not withdraw even after warnings. The US military attaché was therefore summoned to Moscow. A US Virginia-class submarine was spotted Saturday morning near Russia’s Kuril Island of […]

Rumors of American hypersonic missiles in Mainz-Kastel – US government denies — RT EN

8 Feb 2022 7:11 am News spread by the British media, according to which nuclear-capable US hypersonic missiles of the type “Dark Eagle” are said to have been stationed in Mainz-Kastel, led to concerns among the local population. Local politicians demanded answers – and now got a highly official one. Had last November british media […]