No fraud, according to armed forces analysis — RT DE

14 Nov 2022 8:44 am Brazil’s Supreme Electoral Court was pleased to note the result of an analysis of the army’s elections. The military found that there was no evidence of election fraud or any other legally vulnerable situation during the elections on October 30. By Maria Mueller Immediately after the narrow election results in […]

Russian analysis of unrest in Iran — RT EN

23 Sep 2022 06:15 am Is the West trying to destabilize Iran through a controlled color revolution and to neutralize it as a geopolitical actor? Iran has become a key partner of Russia, and Russian analysts are concerned. The mass protests and unrest in Iran are now in their sixth consecutive day. There have been […]

Analysis and criticism of the content of a statement from the Charité on the “Federal Emergency Brake” — RT DE

Apr 22, 2022 7:14 p.m The decision-making and justification of the Federal Constitutional Court for a complaint model procedure against the so-called federal emergency brake of April 2021 was based largely on a statement from the Berlin Charité. The contents are now examined again, questioned and clearly criticized. The Hessian Medical Association publishes its medical […]