Seehofer on Merkel: One "exceptional political athlete"

For a long time, the relationship between Horst Seehofer and Angela Merkel was anything but cordial, but the Chancellor can only say goodbye to the former CSU boss. The former Vice Chancellor Gabriel is also enthusiastic about the personal approach. Angela Merkel’s long-time companions and adversaries Wolfgang Schäuble and Horst Seehofer recognized the outgoing Chancellor […]

Chancellor’s last podcast: Merkel is excited "difficult weeks" a

At the beginning, the format caused a sensation – after more than 600 episodes, Chancellor Merkel said goodbye to the citizens in her podcast. She vividly describes the sometimes dramatic situation and promotes vaccination in the fight against the corona pandemic. The outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel is probably right in hers last video podcast in […]

"Disastrous leadership": Union President sees "Land in complete chaos"

Dirk Zingler is angry about the outgoing federal government’s crisis management: The president of the Bundesliga soccer team Union Berlin attested the last Merkel cabinet a “catastrophic leadership”. Zingler sends a special tip in his anger speech to the south. Union Berlin’s club president Dirk Zingler has again massively criticized the outgoing federal government’s corona […]

"Given this situation": Merkel would vote for compulsory vaccination

At the beginning of November, government spokesman Seibert confirmed that Merkel, who was still Chancellor, had a “no” to the compulsory vaccination. But the situation looks different for a month: The outgoing head of government now sees the measure as “necessary” in view of the corona numbers. The outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel has spoken out […]

2G lockdown and mandatory vaccination: traffic light corrects itself and Merkel sadly resigns

The federal and state governments are adopting extensive measures to combat the fourth wave of pandemics. Including a lockdown for unvaccinated people, contact restrictions for everyone and a ban on firecrackers. The upcoming Chancellor Scholz is correcting the previous traffic light course, while Merkel recommends vaccination. 16 years of chancellorship are full of jokes and […]