Economics Minister Habeck announces the early warning level of the gas emergency plan — RT DE

30 mar 2022 8:45 am The German Federal Minister of Economics, Robert Habeck, activated the early warning stage of the so-called “gas emergency plan” because of the impending deterioration in the supply situation. More information coming soon. By blocking RT, the EU aims to silence a critical, non-pro-Western source of information. And not only with […]

Polish general announces claims on Kaliningrad – Sharp reaction from Moscow — RT DE

26 mar 2022 5:02 p.m Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has succinctly dismissed the suggestion by the former Polish commander of the land forces to reconsider Kaliningrad’s belonging to Russia, with a reference to history. The former commander of the Polish land forces, General Waldemar Skrzypczak, told the Polish newspaper Super Express that Poland […]

Weekly newspaper “Friday” announces Moscow correspondent — RT DE

26 mar 2022 09:20 am The weekly newspaper “Freitag” has thrown out its longtime author and freelance correspondent in Moscow, Ulrich Heyden. The reason is his “positioning in the Ukraine war”. In an answer to this published on Friday, Heyden wonders what “positioning” he is being accused of. A commentary by Anton Gentzen “Dear Mr. […]

Russian PM announces further measures amid unprecedented sanctions — RT EN

18 mar 2022 06:00 am In the face of unprecedented anti-Russian sanctions, experts warn of high unemployment rates, shortages of goods and the collapse of numerous companies of all sizes. The Russian government is trying to mitigate the damage to ordinary citizens. At the Russian government meeting on Thursday, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin announced […]

Russia officially announces number of Russian army casualties in Ukraine for the first time — RT EN

2 mar 2022 6:00 p.m The Russian Defense Ministry for the first time gave an exact number of Russian soldiers killed six days after the start of the special military operation in Ukraine. The authority also gave information about the losses in the Ukrainian military. The Russian Defense Ministry has for the first time officially […]