Massive peasant protests in the Netherlands escalate as police and army react irritably — RT DE

The Netherlands is currently experiencing the massive protests. Farmers demonstrate against government plans to reduce nitrogen oxide and ammonia emissions. The distribution centers of several supermarket chains were blocked. In the meantime, the fishermen have joined. The Netherlands does not come to rest and continues to experience impressive mass protests by affected farmers across the […]

Where will the Russian army stop in Ukraine? — RT DE

by Yevgeny Krutikov As the defeat of the largest group of Ukrainian armed forces in Donbass approaches, the question has been asked more frequently in recent months: what happens next? How and what will be the further action of the Russian army and Donbass militias? Despite the unpredictability of military operations – and with good […]

“A lot of money for little security” – Greenpeace warns against the acquisition of F-35 bombers for the German army — RT DE

The F-35 stealth jets are among the most modern combat aircraft in the world, but their stage of development is still in its infancy. In a study, the environmental organization Greenpeace has now warned of the plane’s known shortcomings: These could lead to a disaster. According to an analysis by the organization Greenpeace, the purchase […]

Xi Jinping authorizes China’s army for non-military operations — RT EN

The Chinese President has authorized the army to carry out non-military activities. These aim to protect China’s sovereignty, development interests and stability. There is speculation in the media that Beijing is preparing for an invasion of Taiwan. Chinese President Xi Jinping has signed a series of non-military regulations for the People’s Liberation Army of China. […]

Pakistani government authorizes army deployment against ex-PM Imran Khan’s protest march — RT EN

In the face of a protest march led by former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, the government in Islamabad has decided to deploy the army to provide security. The protesters are demanding new elections and giving the government six days. On Thursday morning, the Pakistani government decided to deploy the army in the capital Islamabad’s […]