How to stop the artillery terrorism of the Ukrainian Armed Forces? — RT DE

by Aliona Zadorozhnaya DPR chief Denis Puschilin recently announced that the republic had asked Russia for additional allied forces due to the increased shelling of Donetsk. According to him, “Kyiv has crossed all borders”. Pushilin emphasized that forbidden methods of warfare were used during the last shelling of the Donetsk capital. It had previously been […]

Ukrainian artillery shelled civilians in Donbass – no outcry from the West — RT DE

With the renewed Ukrainian attack on civilian targets, the government in Kyiv is showing its true face with the artillery terror in which houses, schools and clinics are being shelled. The “civilized world” shows little sympathy for the fate of the victims. By Daniil Bessonow On June 13, Ukrainian forces launched massive attacks on Donetsk […]

US to deliver artillery missile system to Ukraine that can hit targets in Russia — RT DE

The US is arming Ukraine with multiple rocket launchers capable of intercepting Russian artillery and destroying positions up to 300 kilometers away. However, Ukraine has assured the United States that it will not attack targets in Russia with the weapon system. As part of a new support package, the US wants to supply Ukraine with […]

US considers delivery of long-range artillery missile systems to Ukraine — RT EN

The US is reportedly considering supplying long-range missile artillery systems to Ukraine. This is reported by the US broadcaster CNN, citing anonymous US officials. However, the administration of US President Joe Biden is still hesitating. The US is apparently considering providing Ukraine with modern multiple missile systems with a range of several hundred kilometers. The […]

Germany supplies “Gepard” tanks and trains artillery troops — RT DE

Apr 26, 2022 9:35 p.m A top meeting with participants from 40 countries on the Ukraine war takes place at Ramstein Air Base. At the beginning, Defense Minister Lambrecht (SPD) promised Ukraine “Gepard” anti-aircraft tanks and the training of Ukrainian troops in Germany. More than 40 countries are taking part in a US-initiated Ukraine conference […]

Seven injured in artillery shelling of settlement near Ukraine border — RT EN

14 Apr 2022 2:09 p.m Artillery shelled the Russian settlement of Klimovo in the Bryansk border region on Thursday. Seven people suffered injuries. The regional governor blamed Ukrainian forces for the shelling. The town of Klimovo in Russia’s Bryansk region, about ten kilometers from the Ukrainian border, came under artillery fire on Thursday, reports TASS, […]