Save taxes: postpone the payment date of the severance payment

Those who leave their company often receive severance pay. The money counts as income and therefore has to be taxed. Tax structuring is allowed here. If an employment relationship is terminated, employees often receive severance pay. This is a fully taxable wage, explains Jana Bauer from the Federal Association of Wage Tax Assistance Associations in […]

Meal allowance for 2022: What applies to trips abroad in the new year

Anyone traveling abroad for business can claim a meal allowance. At the turn of the year, the amounts are usually adjusted – but not for 2022. What does that mean? Those who frequently work abroad usually have higher costs for meals. Therefore, the meal allowance for work abroad may be taken into account with a […]

"Black book" rebukes waste: one bank debacle and one groundbreaking too many

Cost explosion in construction, useless infrastructure or incorrectly calculated subsidies: this is particularly annoying with public money. In its “Black Book”, the taxpayers’ association has its sights set on breakdowns worth millions in Corona aid. And a bankrupt bank. Tax money and how it is used is a hot topic. What is the citizens’ money […]

Premium in the event of termination: severance pay linked to waiver of action?

The payment of a redundancy plan may not be made dependent on the waiver of an action for protection against dismissal. An invalid agreement can ultimately pay off for all employees. If a company has to close, a social plan is often agreed. In it, the works council and employer set out how economic disadvantages […]

Additional costs: 410 million euros: taxpayers’ association criticized "XXL Bundestag"

The Bundestag criticizes the Bundestag as a “permanent construction site”. Due to the fact that the standard sizes of 598 parliamentarians are now permanently exceeded, it has to be renewed and rebuilt again and again. That causes enormous costs. The fault is the “messed up right to vote”. Against the background of the renewed growth […]

Emergency call system and tax office: Seniors should take advantage of the tax bonus

Older people can state the cost of a home emergency call system in their tax return. Seniors can rely on an ongoing procedure at the Federal Fiscal Court. Many seniors use a home emergency call system so that they can get help quickly in an emergency. The Federal Fiscal Court is currently checking whether you […]

Because of the CSU result: Record Bundestag is again a little bigger

The horror scenario does not materialize, but the new Bundestag has again reached a record size with 735 members. This will not only make Parliament more expensive, it will probably also be slower. The cause is above all the election result of a party, says an election researcher. According to calculations by electoral researcher Robert […]

Severance payments and tax office: Reduced tax rate even for self-resignation

Severance payments after termination by the employer can be taxed at a reduced rate. But what applies if the employee has terminated prematurely and makes use of the exit clause? If employees receive a severance payment from a termination agreement, this is only taxed at a reduced rate according to the so-called fifth rule. “The […]