New medical professional association “Hippocratic Oath” founded in Hamburg — RT DE

Doctors and therapists can now join a new professional association that is committed to free vaccination decisions and real education of the population. The “Hippocratic Oath” advocates human medicine that is truly committed to health. On June 11, doctors and scientists with a critical attitude towards the official corona narrative founded a new medical professional […]

Association founded against discrimination against Russian-Germans and Russian-speaking fellow citizens — RT DE

Since the beginning of the war in the Ukraine, people of Russian origin have been discriminated against, marginalized and sometimes verbally and physically attacked in Germany – not least with the help of massive media propaganda. Russian shops and products have been boycotted. Now an association has been founded in Berlin that wants to defend […]

German Football Association lets trans footballers choose between men’s and women’s teams — RT DE

A recent statement by the German Football Association (DFB) states that from the coming season transgender, intersex and non-binary players will be able to decide for themselves whether they play in a women’s or a men’s team. Of the German Football Association (DFB) will allow transgender, intersex and non-binary people to decide for themselves whether […]

German Air Transport Association calls for end of mask requirement on planes — RT DE

Masks are still compulsory on flights to and from Germany. The air traffic association demands that passengers should in future decide for themselves whether they want to wear mouth and nose protection or not. The nationwide mask requirement on airplanes is declared as necessary in the German Infection Protection Act (IfSG) for the time being […]

Austrian Business Association pushes for recognition of Sputnik V — RT DE

12 Feb 2022 21:08 The Austrian Economic Association asked the Austrian Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein on Friday to recognize the Sputnik V vaccination certificates. Otherwise the country faces a labor shortage. The Austrian Ministry of Health has so far failed to include the corona vaccine Sputnik V on the list of recognized vaccines that may […]