Atlantic coast wildfires could be arson — RT DE

Aug 11, 2022 1:09 p.m After about two weeks, the French Atlantic coast is again confronted with violent forest fires. Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin finds the development unusual. According to him, arsonists could be behind it. France asks other EU countries for help. After about two weeks, the violent forest fires on the French Atlantic […]

London declares South Atlantic islands a nature reserve — RT EN

7 July 2022 7:52 am The territorial dispute between Argentina and Great Britain is not only about the Falkland Islands. Buenos Aires also claims South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. London’s decision to declare the islands a protected area has met with criticism. Source: © K. Wothe / blickwinkel Argentina’s foreign ministry on […]

Russian Navy announces exercises in Atlantic, Arctic, Pacific and Mediterranean — RT EN

20 Jan 2022 20:58 Amid tensions with the West, Russia has announced several naval maneuvers to take place in January and February, in line with the 2022 drill schedule. All Russian fleets are involved. Training is also carried out in important areas of the world’s oceans. The Russian Defense Ministry announced on January 20 that […]